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Ross Chastain Hail Melon I don't care what the pearl-clutchers say. This is still the best move in racing, EVER!!

Dr. Rashid Buttar Predicts the death of his vaxxed and boosted interviewer

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Barney Miller 1981 Shilling The \Conspiracy Nut\ Narrative FYI: Demonizing, vilifying, ad marginalizing people that ask viable questions and point out obvious narrative holes has been around for decades..."see-eye-ayy" has been recruiting useful idiots in Hollywood for decades.

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Wall Street Ponzi #wallstreet is a market manipulation club that operates for their members only. If you are an ordinary person, you are definitely not in this club. Sure, you may get some relative crumbs along the way, but they are generally extracted from you at some point through various insidious means e.g. inflation, taxes, losses, etc.

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Joy Reid\s Fake Trump Hair I darn near fell off my porch rocker 🤣😂