About Freely Social Network


Freely Social is committed providing a safe and secure space for anonymous free speech, preservation of truth, and freedom to associate and communicate. As the giants of the social media industry have resolved to stifle critical thinking and free exchange of ideas over the past few years, there has been a trend towards niche social media networks. Simply put, people are fed up with big tech and their elitist globalists colleagues. They’re all tyrants. They hate freedom and liberty for us, but preserve and protect it for themselves. Similarly to how totalitarian dictators amass grand fortunes while their people starve.

We also don’t harvest and sell your data, your browsing habits, or anything else. Freely Social and Watch Freely are very uncomplicated from an algorithm stand point. We’re all adults here. If someone offends you, you have options, 1. Get over it, 2. Block them. The only exceptions are if we find that a user is actively calling for and promoting real violence (anyone that does that publicly is usually an idiot to begin with) or if a user is false flagging and sabotaging any of the Freely sites or platforms, that user will be deleted. Obvious spam creators will also be deleted. 

We also do not allow the publication of pornography in any form. If you publish content that legally infringes someone’s copyright and we are notified about it with proof, we will have to remove it if you can’t provide proof that you have a right to republish it.

We are also committed to improving our product over time. We’re constantly adding and improving features, layout, security, etc. If you have a suggestion, do not hesitate to message us.

Have fun! Enjoy your freedom!