Good and Evil

This is a piece about the battle of principalities and powers beyond the physical world.

You enter into a battle
With Me and My Father
A battle you cannot win

You seek the souls
You steal them with your lies
And your only reward
Is that they die

Loves Company

You mock the Love
You despise the Peace
You seek My Father’s Throne

Where you could never sit

Your hate consumes you
Your only pleasure others pain
Your only goal the numbers
You seek to take away

Yet you cannot pay
The price
You cannot give
eternal life
For you know nothing of Love

Hear Me and fear
I am coming for you
Hear Me and fear

I am coming for you

For you have nothing
to offer
but misery
for eternity

My God is so powerful
He will endure you till the day
He chains you to the depths
Of the sorrow you have made

And I have Love

4/29/18 jkk

Wiz OfOZ

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