America, It's Time To Answer The Door

We stand at a crossroads. We, who are the vanguard of freedom across the world are fading into obscurity. But when we go we take those freedoms with us in the demise of our influence across the planet. Are YOU OK WITH THAT?

You DO realize what JB is accomplishing with his continuous brain farts on the public (and even not so public) stage? He is PROVING beyond a shadow of a doubt that American Leadership on the World Stage is on PAUSE, at least for the immediate future.

As no election has ever been overturned (well, we ARE on TOTALLY UNCHARTED WATERS HERE) the odds of that actually coming into fruition are infinitesimally small. No matter what the TRUTH is revealed to be, Nay Sayers will continue to exercise THEIR God Given Right. Without absolute criminial convictions it will prove to be a 'Ride It Out' scenario, the cost (and it will be GINORMOUS) be damned.

In the meantime, the Pandemic of Leftwingedness is now fortifying their pervasive invasions of all our foundational institutions: Medicine, Education, Big Bank Finance/Monetary Systems, Fed/State/Local Govt backbones - i.e. bureaucrats, Big Tech and Big Corporations. All these institutions have pivoted against the country which our forefathers carefully formed with our ever so meticulously constructed Constitution. The TRUTH becomes what they SAY it is, no matter the reality. And these four years of Hell could easily make any meaningful 'Circle-Back-To-Reality' an impossibility, or at the least very much like trying to put air in a tire that has been driven to ruin.

I believe our ONLY meaningful Hope is to return to the Creator of the Universe and all that is in it, and seek HIS forgiveness, and His Divine guidance to revitalize this country. If all God wanted was 'Praise', He could have the stones of the earth, and the mountains in the sea Rise Up and Worship Him. But that is not the way He set things up. Once again, our Free Will is central. We have the Right to Choose. Without that right, we are no more than robots, and He doesn't want robots or He would have made them instead of us.

Take some time to evaluate the Wonders of this Creation from the smallest life form to the most distant star in our universe. Our God is THE CREATOR. He has already covered our imperfections with the crucifixion of His Only Son. We have only to accept it and ask Him into our hearts. America, Someone's Knocking. Will you answer the Door?

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