The COVID19 vaccine controversy is largely buried in all presentations under the Auspices of there only being One Choice that a Compassionate Person can make. But there's much more to it than that...

What *I* have noticed, sadly, over this Pandemic experience is that the 'Voices of Medical Wisdom' have subtly aimed us in a series of directions, and some of those directions were inevitably granted blind acceptance while the Public Battle over the more VISIBLE ISSUES raged on. Those Visible Issues were, of course, hand picked by our beloved MSM (well, actually by the Masters BEHIND them who provide their talking points...the magic 6 corporations and other entities controlling at least 15,000 of our news sources' bites see ). Example... the 'COVID vaccine' hysteria has now become a humanitarian bellweather... and Trump, in my not-so-humble-opinion I admit, for all his strength and conviction, received BAD ADVICE from Fauci. I don't BLAME Trump for needing to delegate this medical nightmare to someone who was an Accepted Medical Authority, as he was being assaulted on ALL FRONTS for Any-and-Every THING MSM et al could dream up.

But you must realize, if you are paying attention to the revelations about Fauci that even now usually only briefly surface from the Swamp before being shoved back under the waterline, that Fauci has always had a Strong Vested Interest in promoting vaccination. Why? Well, check his stock portfolio, and realize the source of this article is somewhat out of OUR Main Stream, but presents Robert Kennedy Jr.s claims regarding profitability that may be affording both Fauci and Bill Gates Foundation:  But Fauci's fallibility has slowly begun to surface, and should therefore greatly diminish any 'Guidance' he spews forth.

Unfortunately, when he still retained Trump's trust, he sold Trump on it. I think Fauci got out ahead of Trump on this. It provided something Trump could AIM at.




As a result, Trump going forward never questioned it.  The end result has been the cessation of any questioning regarding the effectiveness or deadliness of the vaccines now being touted as our Savior.

But do you remember what TRUMP's treatment was when he got the virus??? Remdesivir. As of January of this year, here is a rundown of the various viral treatments and how they work, but the POINT is, Remdesivir does NOT rank that well in the list of various treatments the FDA gave emergency approval to: 

Reason I am saying this is because no matter how hard they try to squish opposition to the present vaccines (how many are there now? Three? Four?), the end result is that they are ACCEPTED as BONAFIDE ... but there is MUCH evidence demonstrating that they are merely a project STILL UNDER DEVELOPMENT. Many will literally DIE simply because THEY are the Crash Test Dummies for Big Pharma who has absolutely NO financial liability, while the MSM dismisses THAT TRUTH for their Holy Grail of 'Compliance is the ONLY Humanitarian Thing To Do'.


I retired from nursing as an RN. One of the very basic things we learned is that you CANNOT effectively vaccinate a Virus. The reason is that viruses are a totally different organism than bacteria, and are infinitely smaller and more invasive AND they are able to MUTATE to defend themselves VERY QUICKLY. We have seen this with all the new strains already developing.

The Cold is your clearest example. It mutates so fast you couldn't POSSIBLY vaccinate for it. It would be a financial disaster. So, you treat the SYMPTOMS, and let your body's autoimmune system eventually overwhelm and consume it. The a COVID virus.

The flu vaccine? Hype.
Consider what I have mentioned so many times: Big Pharma has to start MANUFACTURING the 'current' flu vaccine 6 MONTHS IN ADVANCE in order to have enough to 'distribute' to all the distribution points...(oh, yeah, for a price either paid by the govt or the people who visit their doctors to receive it and 'feel safe'. THAT MEANS QUITE FRANKLY THEY ARE GUESSING, but MAN, do they Ever make the bucks!)

They've already SOLD US on the safety and peace of mind that being 'vaccinated' can generate. Consider now, how much MORE profitable it will be for these 'Gods' of pharmaceutical solutions to our health and wellbeing if they can ADD the COVID vaccine to that annual Cash Cow... Even at the Hyper production speeds they have managed to mobilize for, however, you can clearly see that they cannot be Reactive to the COVID virus(es). They must be PROactive... which means they must look in their crystal ball and 'pick' a strain before it ever becomes invasive (just like they do with the 'flu vaccine'' they can start manufacturing it!)


My personal experience with the flu vaccine, as an example, was in the course of my duties as a direct care nurse; I administered it to various patients at a physical rehabilitation facility by whom I was then employed.  I have only been diagnosed as having contracted the flu one time in my life.  I was required by this facility to accept the vaccine in order to protect the clients I served.  So I took it.  Within a very few hours I found myself praying to the porcelain gods, expelling fluids from multiple orifices, and enduring a temp ranging from 101 to 102.  MY 'normal' body temperature is ACTUALLY 97.6.  My 'abnormal temperature' was so consistent that I could tell if the electronic thermometers we used were callibrated or needed to be serviced because if the thermometer read anything other than 97.6 on me then it was offkey. Now you could say that I was simply vaccine intolerant.  At this point in the progression of vaccine science, there were passive viral components within the vaccine ingredients. Based on this experience and resulting onset I tend to lack confidence that ALL of the 'passive components' were truly 'passive'...  I also have heard that they no longer insert these 'passive' triggers for the autoimmune system to react upon.  But approximately ONE THIRD of the patients I administered that vaccine to...ALSO contracted the flu!  Once I researched the construction of the vaccines then I discovered that basic truth of the manufacturing process and realized that it could even be (SURELY NOT!) that the wizards who made the determination as to which strain of influenza would assault us all just got it wrong!  No.  Couldn't be that.  They ARE Wizards, after all. And as a small side note, there are issues with OTHER components of this Soup-of-salvation... formaldehyde inclusion being one of them.


So I called staffing and asked if I could go home as SOON as the first relief nurse for the dayshift (I worked nightshift) arrived for our facility.  I left ASAP, went to the doctor and was informed, of course, that I had contracted the flu.  I refused in the future to accept the flu vaccine.  I have NEVER taken a vaccine for the flu since.  I have NEVER HAD the flu since.  I am 65, a smoker, and am at the top of any vulnerability list for COVIDxx.  But I will NEVER take the vaccine. Never.  Because I've SEEN the handiwork of Big Pharma, and I understand the phrase, 'The LOVE of money is the root of all evil'.  




I just found this commentary, which blends right in:


Update, in relation to healthcare workers response to the vaccination game:

There is much more behind the scenes than MSM will reveal.  Keep your friends close... and your enemies closer.  God bless!


Update Apr 1:


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Very nice read.

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I felt the need to discuss the whole ball of wax, but the meme I included is an example of the result of blindly accepting the mantra that the Vaccines are the be-all and end-all of defeating this pandemic. It ALSO demonstrates quite handily why the Power Mongers are pushing the whole gambit. Control equals Power. Don't be a Crash Test Dummy.