About those Aliens...

A brief discussion regarding the hysteria floating around about aliens from outer space...

I believe if life from other than earth is to have any effect on the Path He has set before mankind He would have told us, including it in His Word. Because He did not, for me it matters not. I personally do not believe He made life anywhere but earth, where He allowed the sacrifice of His Son in order to redeem us. Consider: would He make on some other planet a lifeform which was holy enough that there would be no need for Jesus' horrible suffering? And if that were not the case, i.e., those other beings were just as capable of sin as we are, would He then allow Jesus to have to suffer in this same way over and over? AND FINALLY... if He could do it without needing to provide His Only Son as a sacrifice at ALL, why would He THEN make US, with all the complications inherent in providing us with FREE WILL? We are told of our uniqueness and significance by the story of Genesis, where He SPOKE all things into existence EXCEPT man, whom He Molded by His Hands and whom He breathed His Holy Eternal breath into. We truly are the capstone of His Creation. Now, let's flip this coin and look at the other side...

Consider who could possibly benefit from this theory that there are other 'lifeforms' on other celestial bodies: The same lieing dog who subtly advances the THEORY (as opposed to True Science) of Evolution. For if we evolved from a 'peanut'... or an ameoba, or some mysterious life spark that was by pure luck dropped off onto this planet from a passing comet...(even so, granting this lie, where did the Spark originate?)...IF we can be conned into believing this fantasy, this greatest of all deceptions, where does that lead us???

Very deviously and simply, it leads us to accepting that there does not have to BE a Creator, therefore we have no need to believe or worship or praise or serve said nonexistent Being. AND THIS is where extra-terrestrial mythology bolsters Satan's Great Lie:

If there are other life forms on other celestial bodies, THEN WE MUST BE A PART OF THAT NATURAL GODLESS EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS. Nothing to see here. Move along.





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Yeah, I think the alien talk and "theories" fall solidly in the "be not concerned with trivial things" category. I occasionally entertain such talk as fantasy and fiction up to the point that some so-called expert or teacher states a theory as if it's a fact. I tune out after that.

I've always had a firm conviction that God will reveal the mysteries of the universe to us at a time of his choosing, if ever.