Service is Sublime

God grabbed me by the ear and said, 'Sit Down. I've got something I want you to write.' So... This is what He gave me today...

There is a special joy that can only be found in serving others. Giving of your time and mind and energy to enrich someone else is always a giving thing, both ways. Your God given spirit thrives in those moments where you find your gifts are able to bless others.

Even if it is only for a blink of an eye, you will have found yourself blessed to have planted a seed of love. You may not ever see the results of that service. It may not mature for many a time and time and times beyond your vision, but loving others and serving them wholeheartedly is an eternal thing that our Lord and Saviour practiced upon all who sought His grace.

It is something that even after you pass from your short experience in the flesh will continue to blossom into the realms of Heaven itself, for that is Heaven’s Joy: to bathe the world and all creation in the Heart of Love, who is Christ Almighty.

The simplest things you do can plant that eternal seed. A smile of sincerity in a well timed expression can soothe the troubled soul. Opening a door for someone, giving a glass of water to one who is thirsty at a time of its most precious significance is something of a level of value which you cannot imagine... but if you Listen to that Heart which God has placed within you, you will know when to give it in joy and comfort… and both of your thirsts will be quenched. It is the water from the well that once received is forever soothing.

Not one drop of Love will EVER be wasted. None will EVER pass away, for ALL LOVE springs from God, and is most clearly manifested in His Only Son, who by allowing Himself to suffer for us all, though He at ANY point could have released Himself from the horror, chose to pave the way for our forgiveness by paying a price none of us could pay.

He did it Willingly, with the utmost determination. That ultimate sacrifice provided the Foundation for eternal and unquenchable Love. It will be preserved, and brought with you to heaven, where it will continue to reap blessings uncounted. In fact, it is the only thing you can carry forward through the Gate where you and your flesh go separate ways. Not one drop of Love will be lost.

Not One.

Wiz OfOZ

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HE Pennypacker 2 yrs

Awesome!! Thank you, Wiz

Dub Stephens 2 yrs

Love it!!