Uncontrollable Flow Of Lies

Trump slowed it down, exposed it, and made a lot of us realize that we were not alone.

This is a post shared to a FB group by a man named Fisher Richard

I'm 66 yrs. old. One of the most important things I've learned, is that the more I know, the more I realize how much that I don't know. We have lived under deception for so long. It happened in slow drips, and that even though you know it doesn't pass the smell test, it wasn't a big enough deal to make a big deal out of it.
Then it got to the point that it seemed uncontrollable.
God being removed, Christians ridiculed.
The power of the media to do so. Trump slowed it down, exposed it, and made a lot of to realize that we were not alone, and in truth we are the majority. Now the evil knows, always did, that they are exposed, and that their time is short.
Ukraine is a strategic plan to rid itself of the NWO, Deep State, Satan, whatever you want to call it. Zelensky was trapped, like Trump was, could not clean his swamp. Now he'll be seen as a hero, standing up against Russia aggression, when in reality it was planned. Shame that innocent lives were lost.
Stopping evil has a cost.
Optics on the world stage are important. But things are happening that are become visible as light is being drawn to the darkness. The one thing that I know I know, is that God's will, is all that matters. The rest is beyond me.
Faith in His Word, releases me from fear. Faith in His Love, takes away anger and hate. You can hate evil, something that progressives don't believe. But don't hate them for being ignorant. I feel extreme sadness when they refuse to wake up.
Sorry for such a long post, just wanted to keep life simple, Trust the Lord, our Father.

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